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About Us

The Enterprise "Agro-Product" LLC was founded in 1996, acting based on the endless love for


Agriculture, People  and Apples.


The continuous skill improvement of our employees represents an essential factor in the development of the entire company. The main activities are: fruit production, storage and marketing.
The production process is carried out on a surface of 200 ha intensive and superintesive apple-tree orchard, mainly planted based on Italian technologies. The orchard is equipped with a drip irrigation system, maintaining a constant level of humidity in the soil and an anti-hail system, protecting the fruits of potential unfavourable weather condition. Moreover, we have a weather station, by means of which we are able to monitor the soil and air moisture, making a weather forecast and a warning of potential disease outbreaks in orchards. The harvest is stored in a modern refrigerator with a capacity of 4000 tons.

Because we like to do our job well, ,,Agro-Product” LLC purchased  an apple sorting line and a special machine for producing cardboard boxes, so that our customers enjoyed a qualitatively packed


,,special taste”.


Discover the secret of Moldovan apples’ special taste in “Fruits of the Spirit”:
Love – We put the thought of all that we love into all that we make.
Trust – We believe in Us, our Customers and our Country.
Happiness - We rejoice with our customers and our competitors for every achievement, thus,        


becoming  BETTER!

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